About GTC

GTC Technical Support was launched in February of 1999, with JC Baldwin, our current president, as one of the founding members. From the beginning GTC's ability to recognize opportunity has proven to be one of its greatest assets, equal only to GTC's ability to attract and employ highly talented individuals.

Today the company continues to be guided by the vision of a core group of decision makers, including Baldwin, and is responsible for the current and ongoing success of GTC.

So who is GTC and what do we do?

At GTC we provide and design technical support call center solutions that match your company's needs. We take the time to learn exactly how your business operates, and how we can integrate your processes with our tried-and-true service delivery methodology. We then design and develop a technical support solution to perform the call center functions that you and your customers require. GTC's support solutions will incorporate the flexibility to make updates as your needs change, and the latest technologies. Our solutions deliver the capabilities promised within the service level agreement (SLA). Plus, our call center solutions are available 24x7x365. GTC has been in the technical support business since 1999 and will be around to adapt and support you as your business changes. Complete call records are produced and maintained so that you can be assured of complete data integrity.

     In addition to technical support call center solutions, GTC provides trouble and call ticketing solutions to ISP, Telco, software, and government organizations. Call and trouble ticketing services are more than just your typical "ticketing and dispatch" service. Our technicians help to identify problems with client systems before they escalate into major outages or issues.

     You may ask yourself, "All of this technical support call center stuff is great, but what if we need more than just technical support and call center solutions?" You might need an entire IT solution that can update your infrastructure. GTC can analyze your requirements and infrastructure and formulate, design and implement a system that will meet your needs today, tomorrow and beyond tomorrow. Whether you require just one system that will run one application web-based, or a large system consisting of many applications and functions, GTC will help you to solve technical support call center problems and issues.

GTC's offices are located in Wenatchee, Washington – the world's Apple Capital. Wenatchee is located in the middle of Washington at the confluence of the beautiful Wenatchee and Columbia rivers. The Wenatchee Valley is a unique and diverse region that has captivated the hearts and imaginations of many. So what does this have to do with call center services? It has a lot to do with our services. Wenatchee is a rural community with vast technological and personnel resources. We draw from our own community to deliver call center services that are world-class, yet down to earth.