Call Ticketing Services

GTC will perform as an answering service for any company, technical or not. Our friendly agents will record callers' personal information and take detailed messages for you to review in the format you wish. This service can be provided 24x7 or after hours.

Call Ticketing Solutions
In addition to technical support solutions, GTC provides trouble and call ticketing solutions to ISP, telephone company, software, and government organizations. Call and trouble ticketing services are more than just your typical "ticketing and dispatch" service. Our technicians help to identify problems with client systems before they escalate into major outages or issues.
  • Access to a support technician 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
  • Access to much more than an "answering service," GTC can provide your customers with top notch level 1 support. GTC trouble ticketing technicians are more that just "trouble ticketing agents," but rather highly trained internet/telephone support technicians. Your customers will be talking to someone who can help them, not just take down their problem or issue and forward it to you.
  • Access to someone that can address their issues on the spot, and if not, the security of knowing that their problem has been forwarded to you, their service provider. This can help to reduce erroneous service calls on your end by allowing GTC to help customers with problems that can be resolved from a remote location.